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The Importance of the Independent Engineer

The Engineers we use to inspect your vehicle, We have personally chosen. The  companies  we use have to meet our standards . Now this may mean nothing to you at the moment, so we will explain the relevance and why we insist on it.

Our aim is do the best we can for you, and we look to who makes the ultimate decision, contrary to what you may think, it is not the insurance company, their regulators or the Financial Ombudsman Service , which is what they would have you believe.

The courts of the UK Justice system decide, so we only work with Engineers who are recognised in court as being professional witness Qualified by the Institute of Automotive Engineering Assessors or Certified Automotive Engineer through the Institute of The Motor Industry. This means that what ever they say in court is deemed to be fact.This makes things damn awkward for insurance companies, as we do our best to ensure the engineers we use are more qualified than theirs.

The judge will always take the opinion of the “Most Qualified to do so” and it can be argued that there is a conflict of interest with an Engineer who is employed by an insurer as he has their interest at heart. You may also  find that the insurance companies engineer does not have these qualifications or any?you may even find your car has never been inspected by an engineers just “ESTIMATED BY BODYSHOP ESTIMATOR”. These are not engineers,they may well have the accreditation for PAS125 a A.T.A.V.D.A this stands for (automotive technician accreditation vehicle damage assessor)

There has been a drive in the industry from insurance companies to have their engineers have this, I also have this, but this does not qualify you as an engineer, and is not recognised in court ,  it is an “ACCREDITATION” not a qualification.

We on the other hand are completely independent. The first line of our reports starts, “I understand my duty lies to the court, not to my paymaster” Guess who the court takes more notice of?

click here to find out about the Institute Of Automotive Engineering Assessors.

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