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Assistance For Bodyshops

Well if you have got this far on this site you may have determined I am trying to change things in “OUR” industry.

I am in a privileged situation, I have worked in the motor trade, as a mechanic, done  bodywork and paint . I have also been an independent engineer,  worked as an insurance engineer for the RBS group of companies: Directline , what was Tesco insurance , Privilege, Churchill, NIG and a whole host of other companies in their group . I have also worked for AVIVA until recently doing Aviva quote me happy, and their commercial lines.

Well you may ask, what does that mean to me as a Bodyshop owner? It  means you can benefit from the knowledge I have of their internal policies, process’s and the directives they give their Engineers.

So what can I do for you? well if your sick of loosing jobs to insurance companies, I can resolve that. I Can assure you that I can arrange for you to have your rates agreed at consumer rates. Click here to find out how. And here is the case law to back it.

I provide training to Networks and individual bodyshops. What exactly do I teach?

I provide a range of services from training staff, working with Individual customers to resolve Insurance issues to acting as a resource providing advice on a monthly retainer basis.
For training, a session from 9am till 12.30  is £500 plus expenses ,  a day session from 9-4 with half hour lunch is £1000. I would suggest a group size of ten as a maximum.
Separate from the training session, I will also provide a huge amount of  resource to refer too.
Rather than fully map a training session, I have learned from experience that it is better that I tailor the training to the clients needs. ( there is no point in providing training that is not going to get used).
I like to inform candidates on how the insurance industry works, how it is regulated, what the importance of this is, what regulations apply, and how these can be used in negotiations/ communications. ( the aim is to not negotiate)
Your front of house are you most important members of staff, as they are your “ambassadors” of your company ( they often get neglected with training and often very much appreciate it afterwards), I can tailor customer service training specific to them , Learning how to obtain the correct information, the importance of this relevant to a claim and liability, and what “information”( never use the word advice as you then become liable for it) in making the consumer aware of the different ways of claiming and what options are available, with the “pro’s and con’s” of each. An “empowered educated “consumer is a powerful one. Give the consumer the confidence to speak to the consumer aware of the lawful entitlement helps you retain the customer.
I teach the front of staff , Consumer law, contract law, the law of “Tort”, how insurance works, and provide resource they can work too.  For instant free resource, direct all your front of staff to browse around my website. It has everything needed on it already. There is also a search box on the top right hand corner to assist with “ANY” query related to insurance that you can probably think of.
I teach the VDA’s how to deal with insurers and engineers and overcome the obstacles and barriers they put in place, the premise is to maximise profit and have consistency in the approach all staff across sites take in their communications.


I do offer consultancy on a job per job basis, or for a monthly fee, when dealing with inspections  I will charge the consumer, and it may well be they can pass the charges back to the insurer. This comes under” the “principle of indemnity”

I want Bodyshop’s to prosper, to earn more profit, so you can invest in yourselves and your staff, pay them more money, so we can get more people wanting to get into the industry, otherwise it will die in the next 5 to 10 years, and there will only be large network bodyshops operating.

All I would like you to do is refer your customer to me to use my services, simple as that.

click here to read what Bodyshop magazine have used into my insights to being more profitable. The top ten list is mine!see my blog for help and assistance to bodyshops for simple tips and instructional videos.


I Can also do much much more for you, for these services I do charge for my advice.

    • How to maximise your estimate’s
    • How to resolve dispute’s with Engineers, and Insurers.
    • Protecting your company from consumer and insurer actions
    • Consultancy service to make your bodyshop more efficient, and earn you more money!

I also work with Retail Motor Law, if you are a repairer you really do need to ensure you operate correctly in the legal frame word, it can be very costly not to. Retail Motor law  can look after all your legal needs. 

Click here for there site

RML delivers industry specific, legal consultancy and advice to businesses operating within the Retail Motor Industry.

Unlike some other legal consultancy firms within the retail motor industry they employ Barristers and Solicitors to ensure that any advice given is to the highest standards.

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