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Richard Lynch

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Richard Lynch

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If you’ve had problem with an insurance claim or have been told that you’re not covered I suggest you phone @Tim Kelly MotorClaimGuru Ltd . This super friendly guy has the best industry knowledge, enthusiasm and gusto to change the seemingly indisputable tide of doom that I was faced with after I had a head on car crash. Here is my story.

I am a professional cameraman with a VW van. We all seem to have them. The classic set up for us camera lot is to put a parcel shelf in the back, line it with carpet and stick a few functional lights in it. We load our kit in and out on location from the shelf on the back. I usually have a sponge mat on the shelf to help protect the kit and stop things from clunking around. It’s not attached to anything just there, purely for kit. There are various d-ring points where I would strap boxes and cases down as I travelled around.

I then had the misfortune of having a knock for knock with a rather fast teenager on a country lane. Both cars had heavy front end damage but fortunately both drivers were ok. The van was taken away for inspection and I thought I’d leave it in my insurance companies hands, AXA.

I work overseas a lot and straight away I went to Russia on a job leaving the van with AXA. A few weeks later I received an email saying they would give me 15k for the vehicle. I was happy with this figure and agreed. I then put the wheels in motion to get a reliable car for 15k so on my return I could get straight back to work. I flew in, inspected a great car and drove home. This is when the trouble started. There was a letter on my desk from AXA stating that I had converted my van into a motor home and therefore my insurance was null and void and they would not be giving me any money.

I was devastated!! Id just spent 15k and a car! I contacted them several times and was handed around various people all stating that it was a full conversion and therefore I was not insured. The pressure on my family was huge. I tried to get the vehicle repaired but all garages said it was beyond looking at. I was at a dead end. 15k down. A trashed van and a whole load of stress.

As I was leaving the last garage, the mechanic said I should try phoning Motorclaim Guru. I though what the hell I have nowhere to go with this whole debacle. After speaking to Tim at length about the whole scenario he reassured me this accident had a good case of being overturned. I didn’t really believe it as the thought of taking on a massive company didn’t fill my boots with hope. However, Tims positive attitude, friendliness and seemingly endless knowledge on how insurance companies work gave me a glimmer of hope.

The process went on for a while as you can imagine but Tim kept me informed all the way and constantly filled me with more and more hope. AXA dug their heels in but Tim on numerous occasions proved them wrong on their own policies and recorrected them and guided them on what was meant to be their field!In all honestly he rang rings around them!

After AXAs dismal customer support, VW also messed me around with regards to settling with the finance on the van, stalling, not answering emails etc. This seemed to be a tactic of both companies. Tim noted all of this and would be using this to help me in my claim.

After a lengthy process which Tim clearly held the court, AXA admitted they were wrong and so agreed they would rightfully pay me for the van. Not only this but they paid the right value which was 17k, and 8% interest on the claim, oh and 1.5k compensation for the hassle. VW didn’t get off either, they phoned me to apologise for their mishandling of the subject and agreed to pay my 1.5k compensation as well. I walked away a happy man but not after enduring a lot of stress and anguish. Tims flat fee was covered by AXA and when I cross his path I’d like to buy him a beer.

Its hard to think that if that mechanic didn’t tell me about Motorclaimguru I would be in whole other different place. Everyone should know about this guy. I cant recommend him enough, I really cant. I’m telling everyone I know!

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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