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Can you tell what the neighbourhood is like front the #cars on the street?

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School catchment areas and transport links often come high on the list of factors when choosing a property, but new research shows that over a third (36%) of people would be but put off renting or buying a house based on the cars on the street.

The findings from a UK Carline survey of 1,023 Brits discovered what factors influence their opinion of an area and which cars they associate with having good neighbours.

The results show one in four would be influenced by what cars were parked on the street – so much so that just over a third of people would be put off buying a property just by seeing a car they didn’t like the look of parked in the neighbourhood.

According to the poll, Mercedes-Benz owners make the best neighbours, with 43% saying they would associate the manufacturer with good neighbours.

In fact, it would seem that luxury German cars were generally held in high regard with British people, as Audi and BMW ranked second and third respectively.

Top 5 cars associated with having ‘good neighbours’:

Mercedes-Benz 43%
Audi 41%
BMW 40%
Jaguar 38%
Porsche 30%
However, it’s bad luck for Subaru owners, as the performance car brand came top of the list as the one Brits would associated with having a bad neighbour.

And despite ranking well on the list of good neighbours, German car brand BMW clearly polarises opinion, with owners also ranking third for those perceived as undesirable to live alongside.

Top 5 cars associated with having ‘bad neighbours’:

Subaru 15%
Fiat 14%
BMW 12%
Ford 11%
Vauxhall 10%
Jonathan Nolan, general manager at UK Carline, said, ‘We think it’s really interesting that so many people make judgements about their neighbours based on the cars they drive.

‘Perhaps the Subaru has a stereotype of being driven by a boy racer, whereas it’s no surprise to see the big three German brands as the most preferred in our survey, led by the Mercedes-Benz.’

‘Thankfully, since leasing makes prestige brands more affordable, it’s definitely much easier to keep up with the Joneses on your street and raise your home’s curb appeal with a brand new lease car.’

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