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Car insurance for temporary imports (non-UK residents)

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Read our guide on bringing your car to the UK as a temporary import
Find out how to deal with car insurance and registration if you’re a non-resident planning to bring your car to the UK.
Do I need to register my car to drive it in the UK?If you’re an EU resident planning to bring your car to the UK while you’re visiting, studying, or working, you are able to do so temporarily without registering it as a UK vehicle.
You can drive a European-registered car in the UK for up to six months without the need to register it (or for the duration of your study or work assignment if you’re in the UK for a set study or work period).
Non-EU vehicles are admitted to the UK on a case-by-case basis. As all EU vehicles must meet set requirements, cars from outside the EU may not meet UK safety or emissions standards.
If you plan to keep your car in the UK permanently, you’ll need to re-register your vehicle. Your car may need to be tested under the Individual Vehicle Approval scheme to ensure it is fit for permanent use on UK roads. Find out more on the website here.
Car insurance for temporary importsIf you’re driving your car in the UK temporarily, your existing insurance policy should be valid until it expires. However, you will only receive the minimum cover in the UK (i.e. third party cover), even if you hold a higher level of insurance in your home country.
It’s best to check with your existing insurer whether you’re covered to drive your car in the UK. Some countries may issue you a “green card” document to prove you have insurance cover. You may also wish to extend your policy to cover more than third party damage while the car is being driven in the UK.
Once you’ve been driving in the UK for six months (or your current insurance policy expires), you will need to get a UK insurance policy — in order to do this, you must register your car for UK use.
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