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Dashboard cameras: Can you save money on your car insurance with a dash cam?

By 6th March 2017No Comments
​Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, are growing in popularity. But what are the benefits of recording your journeys?
While dash cams have been popular in eastern Europe and Asia in recent years, drivers in the UK are becoming more aware of the technology as the footage floods video sharing sites such as YouTube.
But while over 94% of drivers in the UK are aware of dash cams, just 15% of motorists currently have one — though this seems set to change as insurers take dash cam footage into account when settling claims.
How do dash cams work?Dash cams are small cameras attached to the dashboard or windscreen of a car, which record each journey. The camera faces outward, capturing the driver’s view of the road. Some dash cams can also record the view from the rear of the car.
Most dash cams automatically overwrite older footage once they have run out of storage, meaning every journey can be recorded without worrying out running out of memory.
The technology is easy to use and affordable to buy, with budget versions costing around £50 and top-of-the-range models available for around £250.
What are the benefits?According to our research, over a quarter of innocent drivers (27%) have been unable to prove that they were not to blame for an accident, meaning their insurance premiums could rise through no fault of their own after making a claim.
As a dash cam records and stores footage of the driver’s view, it’s easy to revisit the events and conditions leading up to a road accident. Many insurers now accept dash cam footage as evidence when processing claims — this makes it easier to determine the cause of the accident and which party was at fault, and can also speed up the claims process.
Some insurers even offer a discount for drivers who install a dash cam, and as the appetite for the technology continues to grow, it seems likely that more insurers will follow suit.

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Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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