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​The next hearing in the UK legal action against Volkswagen will take place in the High Court on 27 November.

Nearly 45,000 car owners have joined the action, VWemissionsaction, since January 2016, although it’s estimated about a million more might also have grounds.

The action is being represented by Slater and Gordon lawyers and fully funded by Therium Capital Management Limited, a UK litigation funder.

Meanwhile, a survey in July found that more than half of the UK owners whose vehicles have received the fix have reported subsequent problems.

David Strawson, the chairman of the UK VW Emissions Action Committee, said, ‘This is a call to action. Taking legal action is the only way that UK consumers can seek redress and help to ensure that companies aren’t able to get away with this sort of behavior. We need to hold VW accountable for the damage to the environment and to our health caused by the high levels of pollution produced by these cars, and the deceit perpetrated on us their customers.

‘The more of us who join the legal action, the more pressure we can put on VW to try and make things right. We are looking forward to the next hearing in November and progressing the case so that VW can be held to account sooner rather than later.’

Gareth Pope from Slater and Gordon, added, ‘We will be persistent in our cause and urge VW to do the right thing and treat its UK customers in the same way that they have been forced to treat their customers in the USA and compensate owners of affected cars. Owners of affected VW, Audi, SEAT or Škoda  cars can join the claim at and hold VW accountable for their actions whether or not they still own an affected car and regardless of whether or not they have had the ‘fix’ applied by VW.’

Meanwhile, Mel Evans, clean air campaigner at Greenpeace, said, ‘More and more people in the UK are joining the emissions action to take VW to court – and they’re right to be angry with VW. In the US, VW has faced tough consequences for deliberately cheating emissions testing, but here in the UK it’s gotten off scot free. As well as deceiving customers, and costing them money, VW’s actions have contributed to the air pollution crisis we’re facing in the UK.

‘Across the country, air pollution is breaching legal limits and putting people’s health at risk. As the biggest car manufacturer in Europe, VW’s unacceptable corporate behaviour must be challenged and reformed.

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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