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Training and Consultancy for bodyshops

Did you Know that Motorclaimguru provides training to Vehicle Body Repairer’s? #Bodyshops #panelbeaters #painters #consumerights #insurancelaw #contractlaw #fcaregulations

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Motorclaimguru Ltd training.


For on-site training,  cost is plus expenses for mileage and hotel accommodation,


Alternatively , I Also provide training via Skype WhatsApp ect… I can be flexible in the times so can provide a session in the evening or Saturday morning if required.


Cost of training is priced on application.


What do I teach? It can be “anything ” and “everything” or very specific.


What is your primary issue?


We focus on this first!


The training I provide covers a huge scope in helping your business be better!


We aid in reviewing your business, the contracts you have and primarily in educating your staff on “How to deal with insurers” and “How to overcome the obstacles that insurers put in place”.




We start off with a general overview of Consumer law, contract law, insurance law, How insurance works and regulated.


We can build the training up in levels if future training is required and go very very in-depth if needed.


The best thing to do is actually to go to your staff and ask them “what is the main issues the experience and would like training to overcome?” I find it is much better to tailor the training to your specific needs rather than provide a blanket of training that they may not receive the benefit of.



Here is what we Cover.


Introduction to Insurance law, The 1906 Marine act, the principle of indemnity, the means by which an insurer can oblige it’s customer.What it MUST do to fulfil it’s contract.

Remedies to damage to a chattel.


Insurance contract wording


Introduction to contract law, what is required to agree a contract.


Unfair terms and conditions in a contract regulations 1979,  UNFCOG as part of FCA regulations that insurers must abide.

Consumer Rights Act 2015

2002 Enterprise Act Unfair Commercial Trading Practices.

Distance selling regulations, and how all of the above can be utilised to overcome the barriers insurers put in place that could lose you customer Ie increased Excess, or trying to make the customer pay the difference between what they can get the vehicle repaired for and what you charge.



We also cover “assignment of rights” being an “appointed representative of the customers”


We cover How the Government protects consumers who access the Financial Industries goods and services.


The provision of the Financial Service markets act 2000, the requirements for a Regulator, and regulations for the industry to abide by, the requirements for an Arbitrator to resolve complaints this being the FOS.


An explanation of the complaint process under “dispute resolution”


I explain the relevant regulations that it is imperative to have knowledge of.


The specific areas are: An Explanation of what ICOBS is.


The specific area they need  to read is


The need to have a comprehensive understanding of ICOBS, This specifies what insurers “MUST” do. ICOBS 8.3.3 is the main aspect they can apply on “conflicts of interest” with the insurer being their own paymaster and acting in conflict to the customers interest, by attempting to negotiate their clients entitlement under the contract of indemnity or rights under the Law of TORT for a third party claims

Why understanding  “Coles V Hetherton” is not just about “Third party claims”  But “Consumers loss” A link they car access is here


The need to understand this thoroughly and why it is important.


“Roles and duties of the assessing engineer” How they can “educate the Engineer”on what their duties actually are.


Still under FCA regs , PRINCIPLES Of Business PRIN. This is what ALL financial institutions must abide by


We then move on to consumer rights for repair.


Educating and informing customers.


What insurers will say, and how to overcome:


Non OE parts, Green parts.


Unfair contractual terms  increased Excess.


Guide to motor insurance,


How to overcome increased Excess, 


A thorough explanation of the claims process, how best to claim, the three different ways, tort law, and the difference in claiming under contract and TORT law, and the pro’s and cons of all.


Tuitions on dealing with insurers.


Role play on negotiation,

Using what you have learned from the regs , insurance law, tort law to assist in their negotiating,


How to break the insurers’ process of negotiation, and use it to your advantage.


An explanation of how and why I negotiate how I do, and the psychology of what I am doing.


The use of words being used,


Showing the importance of getting the measure of who they are speaking too, how they can use their experience to their advantage over and above that of the engineer , Pros and cons of different techniques, discussing methods first or last, or discussing rates first or last.




Reviewing your contracts.


Why should you use Motorclaimguru ltd for training?


We are the only company that provides this training. The training I provide Is based on the “exact” skills I have honed and polished from both my life experience working for insurers and in fighting against them as Motorclaimguru ltd.









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44 Five Star reviews from actual customers who have paid out of their own pocket for our consultancy in dealing with their Insurer.


There is not a “single” customer who has awarded anything less than 5 stars!!!!!.


Are you a Five Star Business? With our training you can be.


Education is the key to making your business better.


I provide resource both through the training session and after. I provide feedback on your staff after the session and work with them to identify what further training is needed, whilst re-inforcing what has already been learned.



How up to date is the training?


As part of other aspects of the industry we are involved in, we have to keep abreast of not only the vehicle repair industry, but vehicle technology, Disrupters in the Motor Insurance , Law and regulations.


Is the training accredited?


This training is accredited in the best possible way, it puts profit into your business.

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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