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#Driverless cars a “challenge” for insurance sector

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Author: Larry Ferguson
Source: Insurance Age | 21 Oct 2015
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Axa’s David Williams tells Britain’s Smart Cities conference liability on driverless cars needs to be clarified.
The question of who will bear liability in the event of collisions involving driverless cars was one of the themes of a keynote address given by Axa’s David Williams at a conference.
It is an issue which many brokers and insurers have been grappling with as driverless cars look set to become an everyday feature of modern life.
Williams, Axa UK’s head of underwriting spoke at Britain’s Smart Cities and told an audience the new technology is no longer a concept just for Hollywood films and is almost a reality.
The conference heard that clarity is needed on whether sensors and telematics can accurately record when the driver hands over control to car and vice versa.
Williams said: “Driverless vehicles are a challenge for the insurance industry but this technology does have the potential to revolutionise people’s lives for the better.”
A recent Axa study found there would be significant economy-wide business and consumer advantages with the advent of automated or ‘driverless’ haulage and logistics vehicles, including delivering nearly £34bn in savings to the haulage industry. 
KPMG research suggests semi-autonomous vehicles (where you can take your hands off the steering wheel) will be commonplace by 2025 with fully autonomous vehicles coming to market around 2030.
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