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Every year, I have the pleasure of Sponsoring @circusstarr , Paying from Carers for those with special needs, so their carer’s get a break. Why not donate and help too? #charity #smiling

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Circus starrcircus starr

details of our new show in Blackburn which I hope you may find of interest.

Last time you generously donated 2 tickets for the show, and also purchased one of the Sensory Story Packs for the children.

It is thanks to your wonderful support that Circus Starr has been an annual highlight for the children in your community who deserve a little magic, whether that is because they are disabled, disadvantaged, or because they have additional learning needs.

Our inclusive shows create an environment where children are able to come along, have fun, and forget about their worries. A place where families can be themselves and make wonderful memories together.

As you may know, it’s only possible for us to hold our unique events because of kind businesses like you.  Times are getting harder than ever, but with your continued support we can continue to share a positive and magical experience with the children who need it most.

Children like Abi. She has epilepsy, ADHD and Autism, which her Mum told us can often make attending events challenging.

We’re pleased to say that our show was the perfect place for Abi and her Mum, Jo, to forget about their worries and have fun!

“We had to keep her in her seat with lots of popcorn so that she would give the show a try, and once engaged, she loved it!

It was very inclusive and the fact that it was relaxed performance meant we could relax a bit too as everyone in the audience would totally understand any child’s behaviour without judgement. It was something positive for us to get excited about that was designed to put less stress on us, and a great opportunity for our daughter to have a great evening out with us.”

You can read about Abi’s experience at our show by clicking here.

This year’s event will be taking place on Saturday, 15th June, 2024, at Darwen Aldridge School, Sudell Road, Darwen, BB3 3HD.

If you would like to help people like Abi, please take a look at the suggested contribution options that are attached to this email, I welcome any support that you can offer.

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Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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