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FOS chief executive grilled by Treasury Sub-Committee about staff discontent (and other things) !

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BY PAUL on JANUARY 22, 2018

Caroline Wayman, Chief Ombudsman and CEO, and Annette Lovell, Director of Engagement, appeared on 15th Jan 2018 in front of the Parliamentary Treasury Sub-Committee.  The Chair, John Mann MP started by suggesting that FOS was not a very “happy ship” and that staff had many complaints, according to an internal survey and the Internet Website “Glassdoor”; he said that only 9% of the staff who used Glassdoor approved of the CEO and asked what messages had been missed.  Ms Wayman  responded to the questions with a display of smooth management-speak, and did not seem unduly concerned…there had been many changes at FOS which staff did not like.  The Glassdoor website is to be found here to read what the staff have to say.

The entire appearance is on Parliamentary TV at this website.   Its essential viewing for FOS staff and anyone interested in the latest state of affairs at the FOS, or who wants to know what the adjudicator (or is it investigator ?) case closure targets are per week, it varies according to department.

Glassdoor has been publishing unhappy reviews of FOS for years…(they also have a recruitment section with adjudicator/case handler jobs available recently at £159-209 per day).

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