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Esure responds to Lords on whiplash debate
Esure has responded to a House of Lords debate in which one of its cases was used as an example of why the UK is known as the “whiplash capital of the world”.
The Lords were debating a question from Conservative member Lord Hayward who asked if the government planned to meet insurance industry representatives about whiplash claims.
In the debate, Hayward raised a specific case relating to an Esure customer, John Elvin of Watford. He said Elvin was involved in a “negligible” traffic incident where there was no apparent damage to either vehicle. Elvin notified Esure of the accident and said he was subject to what he believed was going to be a false whiplash and damage claim.
“Despite a series of requests, Esure has given no indication that it has investigated this case in any way. Is this not an example of the reason why the industry is known in this country as “the whiplash capital of the world”? It is the consumer who ultimately pays for this cavalier attitude,” Hayward said.
An Esure spokeswoman said the company takes fraud seriously and will reject claims where fraud can be established.
“Esure would not pay a whiplash claim unless there were independent medical reports showing there was an injury and we also inspect all vehicles to check there is consistent damage. When this evidence is established a court of law is very likely to find in favour of the claimant,” the spokeswoman said.
“We support the government reforms and are working with them to ensure only genuine claimants are compensated.”
In response to Hayward’s comment Justice Minister Lord Faulks said: “One of the reasons that insurers give for settling these claims is that it costs them too much to fight the case. Of course, if our plans to raise the small claims limit to £5000 come into effect, this will no longer continue to be a valid reason for not contesting claims.”
“Anyone who is notified of what sounds suspiciously like a fraud should not do anything to encourage it. If individuals are invited to take part in such an endeavour, they are potentially committing a criminal offence,” Faulks said.

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