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I #love #happycustomers, especially when insurer’s are being shit,and plane stupid..

By 10th March 2017No Comments

​Good afternoon Tim,

I hope you have been well since we last spoke. I thought you’d like to know the outcome of my Landy. I persevered with my insurance company, did a lot of work on researching the right specialists to carry out the work which led me to the outcome where my insurers allowed me to have the full settlement money in lieu to get the repairs done myself but with the condition that I could not ask for more money or spend more that the 60% value. The work is now complete, MOT passed and after reviewing the safety of the work carried out on the vehicle, today they have confirmed the removal of the Category D. I managed to complete the repairs below the payout sum and as they allowed me to keep any surplus left over I also.came out with a nice sum of just over £1450.00 as well. 🙂

​Now the question is : How can an insurer limit it’s liability to less than the market value when it does not own the salvage? #breach of contract. @lloyds insurance through Covea. Why not just apply common sense?

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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