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I raced at #Raceofremembrance organised by #missionmotorsport this weekend!passed my ARDS 2 weeks ago,my first ever race,watch the vids!!!! you too can take part. Watch the vid,it could be you! session 1 of two vids

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Race of Remembrance was this weekend,an event organised by Missionmotorsport a charity that helps our fallen heroes and their families. ​
Richard Smith at Splodge racing
Provided the car and the support,and was my team mate, i cannot thank him enough. When we spoke, i asked him why he does race of remembrance?

He advised they have been here ever year, and can see the benefit it has for the military people that have been damaged both physically and mentally.There is no other event like , so it is great to give back, but that does come with  it’s own challenges.

The main challenge is in actually funding the racing, all the funds raised go to #Missionmotorsport, but the cost of running a team to attend requires sponsorship, and an organisation that shares the same belief’s.

Obtaining sponsorship can be difficult, but a company that shares the same ideals as Richard is Extragas.

I spoke with Karl Cooper the managing director at Extragas.

Karl told me, ” when i was approached by Richard and asked for sponsorship, as a company we have to look at the benefits we receive in return for any marketing expenditure we have. With #missionmotorsport, it gives us the opportunity to support a very worthwhile charity that supports those soldiers and their families,and all of the armed forces.The fact that Extragas has had the opportunity to get involved makes us very proud in being able to support it indirectly through

It was in fact Karl Cooper who provided this opportunity to Motorclaimguru’s Tim Kelly to take a sponsored seat in the car, and put him through his A.R.D.S license, which he only passed two weeks prior!

The Motorclaimguru has had a baptism of fire, having only passed his test two weeks prior, having never driven the car before, never raced , let alone gone out at night, it was in at the deep end!.

So have a watch of the video, please watch ,like and share!!!

If you use PLG gas either privately or commercially, got to

Please tell every one you know, as the more coverage Extragas get’s may well make it worth while for them to continue to support this very worthwhile charity.

You two could be doing the same next year,

Motorclaimguru asked Tim Kelly did he enjoy it? 

Uncharacteristically for Tim he gave a three word answer

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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