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If I told you a thief could nick a £14k Ford car in 15 seconds using nothing but a £30 key bought on eBay, you wouldn’t believe me would you?

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Watch thieves steal this Ford in just 15 seconds with £30 device from eBay
Ford Focus ST3 owner Paul Weir captured the dramatic moment thieves break into and steal his £14,000 Ford Focus car – all in seconds.
Police have told Paul, from Birmingham, that car thieves are able to buy £30 devices from eBay that connect to the ECU on ‘keyless’ Fords and, after they smash their way in, are able to drive away with ease.
Similar devices have been used by thieves to over-ride security systems on Range Rovers
Now the bad guys have turned to Fords, Audis and VWs.
Paul managed to capture this footage on CCTV outside his house in Small Heath, Birmingham earlier this year. He’s posted it now in the hope of tracking down the thieves.
“The incredible thing is that a few weeks after this, I was driving into town and saw my car being driven erratically in the same direction,” Paul told us.
“It had different plates, but I know it was mine because it had been in Germany for a while and the lights had been reconfigured for driving on the continent. I recognised it for sure.”
Paul followed his car by the thieves realised he was onto them and he lost it.  He had dialled 999 as he was following the car and gave information to the police, but he says they weren’t interested. 
“I hope someone can help get my car back, but I realise the two thieves are difficult to recognise,” Paul said. 
“But anyway people need to be warned – there’s a big spate of these keyless cars being stolen in Birmingham right now.”
Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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