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Disputed valuation

Many thanks to my customer for allowing me to share the Financial Ombudsman findings.

Over a year ago, my customer had her “Pride and Joy” a 1967 Morris Minor Convertable stolen. Her insurer used a company called “Total loss settlement solutions” to value her car. Based on the information they were presented with, they placed a valuation on the vehicle at £4000.  The customer had purchased the vehicle, the year prior for £7500.

TLSS “Engineer” who valued the vehicle, when I searched on the “Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors”, the Society of Operation Engineers, Institute of Road Transport Engineers and the Institute of the Motor Industry I can find no mention of her name in the membership.

On checking the “Auditor” I found the same,  Managing Director? Same again.

The Initial value placed on the vehicle was £4000, the customer appointed Motorclaimguru who only use “Qualified” Engineer’s to value the vehicle and to deal directly with her insurer. On being presented with a “Expert Witness valuation report” the insurer presented the report to TLSS , they agreed to a £2000 increase ( a 50% increase from their initial value????) we refused, and the complaint went to the Financial Ombudsman.

The adjudicator agreed with the report provided by Motorclaimguru ltd finding the information “far more credible and compelling” and asked the Insurer to increase the value to £8000. The Insurer rejected the adjudicators findings and requested it be reviewed by an “Ombudsman”.

Due to the volume of PPI claim’s , the FOS took over a YEAR from initial loss to draw this to Conclusion. The result being that the “Ombudsman” has requested the Insurer “SABRE Insurance” DOUBLE the value!!!!!! the value being increase from £4000 to £8000, they also requested under instructions from Motorclaimguru ltd to also apply interest at 8% on the increased amount of £4000 under simple interest. This being a further amount of £173.00


We now have one very happy customer who initially did not want to pursue, but is very happy we did. It pays to employ

21359782 - Shewring against Sabre Insurance Company Limited - d

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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