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Motorclaimguru joins the @NBRA as a supplier member to offer services to NBRA members. @bodyshopmag

By 15th November 2022June 24th, 2024No Comments

The NBRA and Motorclaimguru have joined in partnership to extend the range of services they offer to NBRA Members.

Motorclaimguru is a “one stop shop” that provides assistance to consumers in dealing with Insurer’s and to repairers in overcoming the obstacles that insurers place in front of them.

The NBRA already provides a range of services to it’s members but welcomed the opportunity in working with Tim Kelly the Managing Director of Motorclaimguru in utilising his unique skill set’s to help their network.

Tim is happy to provide resource to NBRA members for free in “overcoming increased excess’s” that their clients may suddenly find they have. Not only will Tim provide resources that you can give to customers, but he will also help any of your customers that has had to pay the excess, try and get it back from their insurer at no cost.

Motorclaimguru’s consultancy services extends to a range of training for business owners and staff alike on business development , educating your brand ambassadors on retaining customers and correctly informing consumers on “how best to claim” their consumer rights, and how to upsell.

-Bodyshop managers and VDA insurer training.

-Business and marketing planning.

-The training is designed to make, retain, and increase profit.

Contact me via the contact form and enquire about how we can make your profitable.

Got a sticky situation and unsure what to do? speak with the NBRA first, and if they cannot help, Motorclaimguru will give “FREE” initial guidance to NBRA Members. (Membership numbers must be provided) Phone consultancy at £125 per hour, or minimum fee of £65 per half hour, otherwise applies. NBRA members get first half hour for free, or a response via email.

Tim said, it was great to be recognised for the work that I already do with the vehicle body repair industry, ( you can find his articles every month in bodyshop magazine) and to win the NBRA “outstanding Support for Bodyshops Award 2022”.

What we do works, we use consumer law, contract law, insurance law and FCA regulations to re-address the balance when dealing with insurers. It made perfect sense to partner with the NBRA to bring this to a larger audience and help NBRA members in doing so.

On behalf of the NBRA Chris Weeks said “For years Tim has been helping repairers with consumer and insurer issues.  It is superb that he is offering initial free advice to NBRA Members which is often enough to set you on the right path when it comes to consumer rights!”

Motorclaimguru joins the NBRA as a supplier member


Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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