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Motorclaimguru was out looking for the #bestcompanies to work with and found an amazing one

By 6th December 2015No Comments
Motorclaimguru aims only to work with the best in the industry,i look only for what benefits the consumer.So I check and research, so you do not have too.

A lot of things are changing in the insurance industry, and the Competition committee have been investigating insurance companies and the industry for last two years. In September, all becomes public, and I can see people not being so happy.

Insurance companies have continued to increase the #Excess on #policies for quite a time to apparently keep premiums lower. Unfortunately that means “if” you have an accident it could be a financially painful time. 

If this is not to consumer detriment, I do not know what is…money is tighter than ever,and it means people are less likely to claim due to the excess.

So I looked into what we can do to change things….and from an insurance point of view and contract law side, not a lot.

But a bit of digging, and I found a company called XSPAID.COM ,insure your excess,and in the event of an accident,THEY PAY IT!..great idea, or to good to be true?

I contacted them and spoke to their European Network director Neville Pearson, arranged to meet yesterday.What can I say?like minded people, they do what Motorclaimguru looks for, puts the consumer first, ethical, and offer superb customer service.And their product does what it says!

It certainly makes things more affordable, and means your not sticking your hand in your pocket at the worst point in time…No Brainer in my eyes!

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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