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#pleaseshare Your #car may not be insured!!!the system that tells #Police you are is down #important!!!!

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​MIB pledges support amid continuing SSP confusion

​The Motor Insurance Bureau has promised to work with insurers and brokers to support police in their roadside enquiries.

​The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has committed to work with insurers, brokers and the police in the wake of the SSP outage.

The MIB confirmed that it had been contacted by SSP in relation to the power failure which first impacted its systems last week.

The MIB warned that motorists who’s policies are affected may only become aware of the problem if they are stopped by the police.

Neil Drane, head of enforcement services at MIB, commented: “Motorists whose policies may be affected by the SSP outage won’t be aware of the issue and the first time they may become aware will be if a police officer stops them as there is no record of their insurance on the motor insurance database (MID).”

The organisation has promised to work with the industry in order to support the police and protect motorists.

Drane added: “Our contact centre agents will continue to support police officers at the roadside through our enquiries with insurers and brokers, as we always do, to make sure that honest motorists are not impacted.”

He continued: “As soon as SSP has been able to restore its systems to normal then we can work with them to ensure that the records relating to customers on auto-renewal are restored on the MID.

“This is an unusual situation as the scale of the problem is difficult for SSP to quantify at this stage.”

This morning (1 September) Insurance Age revealed that the SSP systems remained down following the original outage. The software house has informed the Financial Conduct Authority of the problem but the regulator declined to comment further.

Insurers and the wider sector have pledged to support brokers who are affected by the difficulties.

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