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The #future ? FFZERO1 Concept ,love it.

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FFZERO1 Concept: Fully Electric, 1000HP & 200MPH
Could this be the latest tech-fest to take performance cars to another level?StyleThe Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept is a platform to test features  that might be incorporated into the brand’s forthcoming, electric powered, vehicles. The FFZERO1 Concept is a single seater racer with futuristic, in-your-face, styling. The front incorporates a diffuser which blends into curvaceous side panels. The top – rather than a traditional roof – has a large curved canopy.
Best of Detroit Motor Show
The rear benefits from a rear wing and a prominent, partially transparent, tail fin. The latter improves directional stability and incorporates a display that reports race-relevant data such as driver name, track position plus how much charge is in the battery. 

Power & performanceThe Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept is propelled by 4 electric motors, 1 for each wheel. Total power output is 1,000 HP which propels it to 62mph in less than 3 seconds. Top speed is 200mph+.
The motors are fuelled by a series of batteries mounted centrally in the floor. Storing these heavy items low improves handling by lowering the centre of gravity. The lightweight carbon fibre and composite construction play a role too.
The batteries are cooled by channels that enable air to flow internally through the car. They cool the electric motors and reduce aerodynamic drag too.

The FFZERO1 Concept’s seat reclines to 45 degrees and supports each leg individually. Its design is inspired by NASA’s zero gravity seat concept which provides an: “Unparalleled sense of weightlessness and reduces fatigue”, the manufacturer says.
The motorist is further cosseted by a helmet that supplies oxygen and water. Cabin functions operate courtesy of a tablet-style, touchscreen, interface and movements such as swipe, pinch and tap. Furthermore, the vehicle incorporates augmented reality that – from the driver’s perspective – appears to project information onto the road. It might show a line to follow to a destination, for example.

Who is Faraday Future?Faraday Future is based in California, U.S.A., and backed by Chinese money. It has 750 employees from backgrounds such as automotive, technology, energy and aerospace. Key personnel include: 

  • Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering – Former Director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering, Tesla Motors;
  • Dag Rechhorn, Vice President of Global Manufacturing – Former Director of Manufacturing, Tesla Motors;
  • Alan Cherry, Vice President of Human Resources – Former Senior Director, Human Resources, Tesla Motors;
  • Tom Wessner, Vice President of Supply Chain – Former Director of Purchasing, Tesla Motors;
  • Richard Kim, Head of Design – Founding member of BMW i Design and Lead Designer, i3 and i8 concepts.

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