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Thousand Clocked At Over 100mph

By 3rd September 2017No Comments
New statistics have been released by the police that show more than 2,000 drivers have been caught speeding doing more than 100mph. These statistics were compiled with the figures of 42 of the UK’s 45 forces, so it could well be higher than the reported 2,169 motorists.
The biggest speeder was the driver of an M4 coupe who was travelling on the A1(M) in Cambridgeshire. He was clocked at a whopping 156mph. Cambridgeshire also recorded more offenders than any other region in the UK. Overall 152 of the offenders were travelling at more than 120mph, while 42 were exceeding 130mph.
This breathes fresh life into two regular debates. Firstly, how big of an effect on accident rates does speed play, and is speed more acceptable when the driver has received a high enough level of training? Secondly, are the capabilities of modern cars becoming excessive for real world use?
Speeders face a minimum of 3 points on their licence and a £100 fine. It can also increase car insurance premiums.
There are advocates and detractors on both sides of the argument. As with most debates, there is probably a middle ground that is more sensible. Unfortunately, one unifying factor with most petrol heads is they all think they are an above average driver. So what we’re really interested in is your opinion, because without plenty of support not much legislation gets through.
Have your say in the comments section below and lets see what opinions get the most support.
Are modern cars too much?
How big of a factor is speed in accident rates?
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Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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