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Were you a customer of #Directline #RBS #Churchill and made a claim between 1 September 2017 and 17 August 2022? have you been “conned” and your vehicle undervalued? #writeoff #ripoff

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Motorclaimguru came about due to the desire to help consumers against these greedy corporate entities lining their pockets with profit for the benefit of shareholders. The FCA has recently caught up with Directline and Identified that they have been undervaluing vehicles for some considerable time. Due to this, they have ordered them to review cases  between 1 September 2017 and 17 August 2022.


Having been a Directline employee myself, it comes as no surprise to me, what you may not know is that Directline is part of the RBS group of companies and also owns Churchill insurance, NIG and many others. The people who work for Directline also work for these other brands.  It is not just Directline customers who should be concerned about having their vehicle undervalued.

FCA warns insurers about support provided to struggling customers

Home and motor insurers must improve their treatment of vulnerable customers and how they handle customers claims, a review by the Financial Conduct Authority has found.

Following an increase in complaints about insurance claims, the FCA uncovered examples of lengthy complaints handling times and people not given appropriate settlements. The regulator discovered instances of motor insurance customers being offered a price lower than their car’s fair market value after it had been written off, which is against FCA rules. Relevant firms have been told to put these wrongs right and where necessary provide redress to affected customers.

The review also found that some firms were unable to show they were monitoring customer outcomes well enough, and that better information sharing was needed where insurers dealt with intermediaries to settle claims.

What action should you take?


Contact Motorclaimguru and have an “Expert” value your vehicle ! we can provide an accurate assessment of the value of your vehicle, and if we think you have a case, can act on your behalf for a fee to obtain the best settlement, deal with the Insurer and the FOS on your behalf.


The first part of this service is to “pre screen” you and value your vehicle , to find out more along with the associated cost to do so 

Directline has advised that customers “do not need to contact them, as they will identify you and contact you should they think they have mistreated you”, they have also advised that you do not need to use intermediaries like myself to assist you.



We are the only company in the UK that specialised in Motor claims and in dealing with insurers on your behalf. Don’t let the people who owe you money dictate how much or little they owe you!

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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