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Claims Negotiation

When speaking to your insurer you always need to be truthful, and be specific. The insurance company can only go off what you have informed them of prior to investigating further.For what information they require click here. This information is invaluable for insurers and helps them fight your corner.

We can investigate how your insurer have handled your claim based on the information you have given them. Whether you require us to dispute the valuation on your behalf, assist in over turning a decision to repudiate your claim or policy or any other reason you feel the insurer is mistreating you, we can assist. Each case is  “costed” on it’s own merits.

We can see whether you have been treated fairly in line with the FCA ‘s regulations under the Financial Service and Markets Act 2000, and whether your insurer is compliant or not, this helps hugely when investigating complaints against insurers.

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