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Diminution in Loss

Diminution of Loss basically means that if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, then it could be argued you vehicle has been “reduced” in value due to being damaged and now repaired(even when repaired to a perfectly satisfactory standard)

The case law around it is based on a case called “Payton-v-Brooks” 1974 where it was argued that, if you have two vehicle at a point of sale, that the one that had the connotation of being involved in an accident, would be worth less than one that had.

This  set legal precedent, meaning that it is a legal header of claim that you can claim for!.

Now just because you can claim, does not mean that you should!, the court frown strongly on cases being brought with not validity, and can find against you, and you would have to bear the cost.

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It is a very complex area that I have a lot of experience in, should you wish to pursue, I can advise as to whether I think it is worth pursuing and the likely hood of success.

In every case where someone wishes to pursue a claim, you MUST have the vehicle inspected.

I do work with the best in the industry and advise accordingly.

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