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Foxy Lady Insurance

 Part of the services we offer at Motorclaimguru ,we look to work and partner with the best and most ethical in the industry.

Foxy is not part of Motorclaimguru ltd,  we have no legal ties or pay each other in any way, we just recognise them for being great at what they do!

Insurance Assistance For Women

FOXY is a female brand meaning savvy and discerning. Despite their name, they don’t sell insurance products but instead they identify, approve and monitor the performance of FOXY Lady Approved ie female friendly insurance brokers, before introducing them to women and members of sister business FOXY Lady Drivers Club.

So, if you fancy some personal FOXY service when you’re shopping for new insurance or renewing existing cover, why not ask them to introduce a FOXY Lady Approved female friendly insurance broker who’ll put your best interests at heart and charge nothing for their specialist advice.

FOXY Lady Approved brokers can help you with car, home, life, health and business insurance quotes.

FOXY Choice – a UK network of FOXY Lady Approved female friendly garages, repairers, car dealers and franchised dealerships

FOXY Lady Insurance – currently recruiting insurance brokers for a female friendly UK insurance register; to be promoted to women and Club members.

To go to the Foxy site click here

Foxy has been created by Steph Savill, to view her profile on linked in click here

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