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How to deal with a Repudiated Claim!

Some times an insurer may “REPUDIATE A CLAIM”, this means they are advising that your claim is not covered under the terms and conditions of your policy.

You need to ask your insurer , under what part of your policy are they advising your claim is repudiated?

Common reasons for repudiating a claim, are:

Electrical failure, you may try and make a claim for fire damage, and then find that the wiring loom has burnt out.The wiring damage and things attached to it would not be covered, but anything that has caught fire as a result of it would be!, we can advise and investigate for you, We will offer initial advise for free, and if we think we can assist we will advise as to what services we can offer and what charges  apply.

Mechanical failure, this is a tricky one, it is not covered under your policy, but there are times when mechanical failure is a manufacturing defect, and it may be possible to claim.The best thing to do is contact us and allow us to look into, we can then advise if it is in your interest to pursue or not.

If the insurer decides to accept the claim they are liable for any cost you incur.If they still decide to repudiate , and we think you have a valid case, we can advise and arrange what legal action may be necessary.

The primary thing that must be done is to have your car inspected by an independent engineer, as what ever the result is, it is this evidence the court looks at should you wish to take further.

If after the inspection is carried out, the independent engineer agree’s with the insurance company, you are liable for these cost, and would not be able to claim back.

If you send images of your vehicle to me, I can advise as to whether it is in your interest or not to fight your insurance company.

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