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Terms and conditions

You agree in using Motorclaimguru Ltd, that you consent to them acting on your behalf and hold them in no way liable for information provided to yourself to  in claiming.

You agree that by having Motorclaimguru act on your behalf, that you  have been made aware of all any potential or real conflicts of interest, and all actions taken by motorclaimguru  have been done with your consent.

If there are any potential or real conflicts or interest, we will advise that we are unable to act on your behalf.

That your demands and needs have been identified and agreed before any payment has been made, and you agree to the course of action given.

You agree to appoint Motorclaimguru as your appointed nominee and act as a representative for yourself.

You agree, that should you be participating or be believed to be participating in fraud,or in obtaining monies by deception that Motorclaimguru Ltd reserves all rights to retain any funds paid, whilst ceasing to act further on your behalf.

This does not affect your consumer rights under distance selling regulations or the 2015 consumer act.

On cases where the insurer has alleged fraud is taking place, we are happy to investigate on your behalf to defend you against allegations made so that your insurer meets it’s obligations under contract. This is ONLY done where you agree that you have not acted or participated in what could be construed as fraud by the courts.( This is in claiming for monies to which you are not entitled).

Your information will not be used without your consent and will not be sold on in anyway.

You consent to the use of cookies, as these are enabled through google analytics to assist us in maintaining the website.

The information contained in this website is free to use,

Motorclaimguru ltd aims to inform its visitors through its journalistic sourced information, but things change rapidly in our market and we cannot guarantee everything will be perfectly up to date. Please do be aware you use the information at your own risk, that the information provided is not financial advice and that your own independent research is essential to make sure that any product or service used is right for your circumstances. We cannot accept liability for any decision you take as a result of information provided on Motorclaimguru ltd. 

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