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Total Loss Negotiation

If you would like us to value your vehicle and negotiate on your behalf we can! Before doing this, you need to ask for a copy of the engineers report from your insurance company. They may advise they cannot release this to you, advise them as part of the contract you have with them,  that they undertake to have you vehicle inspected, and as you have paid for this as part of your contract you are entitled to see it.

Also under the Data Protection Act they cannot deny you access to anything that pertains to you.So they have to release it to you, they may advise they will charge you for this, and it should be no more than ten pound.

If they do this, then they are definitely being awkward, as generally it is not an issue providing it to you.Advise them you have no issue with them covering up the rates and any discounts they may not wish to disclose., that way they have no reason not to disclose.

90% of the case’s we increase are due to poor engineer’s reports, so it really helps us to help you when you  get it.

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