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Our Services

Motor claim Guru is here to help, we offer a range of services from giving information and advice to giving you the tools to help. See the light at the end of the tunnel! To see the range of services, have a look through the list.

Inspection Types

Have an engineer inspect your vehicle and negotiate repair methods with your repairer.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

We offer one of the most comprehensive examination services on used cars and vans.

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Specialist Valuations

Get a specialist valuation for a high value classic or rare vehicle towards your case.

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Accident Management

We ensure that all losses incurred are recovered swiftly and that legal proceedings are raised to the correct party.

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Bodyshop Consultancy

So what can I do for you? well if your sick of loosing jobs to insurance companies, we can resolve that.

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Insurance Claims Negotiation

We can investigate how your insurer have handled your claim based on the information you have given them.

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Total Loss Negotiation

If you would like us to value your vehicle and negotiate on your behalf we can!

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